Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Elizabeth A. BURROWS

Elizabeth A. BURROWS
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Burrows Cemetery Transcription Project

Tombstone Tuesday. 1 Sept 2009

Elizabeth A. BURROWS / April 20, 1856 / Dec. 29, 1946

Elizabeth Avery BURROWS was born in Groton, New London, CT and died at 5 West Mystic Ave. in the house she was born in and where she had lived her whole life.

She was the first born child and unmarried daughter of Benjamin BURROWS and his second wife Ann Marie AVERY. The 1870 census lists her as "Lizzie"

The Burrows genealogy says that she joined the Union Baptist Church in Mystic when she was ten years old and was a devoted member all her life.

Burrows genealogy, p. 153


Patti Browning said...


Those are the weirdest dates I've ever seen on a tombstone. Did she live her life backward? :D

Midge Frazel said...

Thanks for finding my mistake. I got a phone call that a friend had passed away just as I was writing this post.

It's fixed but not yet finished.

Patti Browning said...

Oh my, I'm so very sorry about your friend! Your distraction was completely understandable.