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Benjamin BURROWS and Ann Marie AVERY

BURROWS Monument

Benjamin BURROWS and his [second wife] Ann Maria AVERY

Benjamin Burrows / Feb. 6, 1815 - Aug 3, 1884 / His Wife / Ann Maria Avery / Jan. 27, 1830 - Apr. 12, 1850

Front Row, Left Side [Grave #4] Photo # 3013

Benjamin BURROWS, son of Capt. Benjamin Burrows, was married first, on 25 July 1838, to Sarah Amelia HAMMOND When she and their infant son (he died 10 June 1840, aged five days) died, Benjamin buried his wife and son together in the same plot as Sarah's parents and grandparents at the Avery Morgan Cemetery in Groton, New London, CT

Sarah HAMMOND, daughter of Thomas HAMMOND and his wife Sarah AVERY was born 15 Apr 1815. She died 31 Oct 1840 aged 25.

[A CD of the gravestones in the Avery Morgan Cemetery is available for purchase from the Avery Association]

Benjamin married secondly, Ann Marie AVERY, his first wife's cousin, 23 Oct 1854 in Groton, CT by Elder Isaac CHESEBROUGH. She was a dressmaker born 27 Jan 1830, daughter of Urbane AVERY and his wife [also an AVERY] Amanda Malvina AVERY. They had a son and a daughter, Elizabeth Avery BURROWS and Benjamin Franklin BURROWS.

Sadly, Ann Marie AVERY died 12 April 1860 leaving Benjamin with two small children. He married third, Frances Levina DENISON on 5 May 1837. They were married by her brother, the Civil War Chaplin and Baptist Minister, Rev. Frederic DENISON. She was the daughter of Isaac DENISON and his wife Levina FISH. [my third great grandparents]

Frances was 29 and single at the time of their marriage and probably considered a spinster. She raised his children and out lived him. She buried him with his second wife and is buried with her Denison family at Elm Grove Cemetery in Mystic, New London, CT.

The Burrows genealogy tells us that Benjamin was only 10 years old when he went with his father to Havana, Cuba and at 17 he was a sailor and mate on the schooner Bolivar. In 1838, he was a full sea captain of the schooner, "Talma" and continued in the commerical maritime trade until 1872 when he went into the Coal Trade.

Benjamin lived a prosperous life on "Skipper St." at 5 West Mystic Avenue, was a Whig and a Republican serving in the legislature in 1864. He was a member of the Baptist Church.

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