Friday, November 13, 2009

Perpetual Care in Massachusetts

My recent post with perpetual care as its title has produced some interesting comments. Today, I searched for more information about perpetual care and came up with a great blog post about Oak Grove Cemetery in Fall River, Massachusetts where my mother-in-law's family is buried.

This cemetery, is famous because it is where Lizzy Borden is buried. It is a very large cemetery [Find a Grave] and I have only been there once when my husband's great aunt was buried. It occurs to me that the only time I don't take photos at a cemetery is when I attend a burial or a funeral.

It looks to me that "perpetual care" is now to be included in the fee that is paid to the cemetery at the time of burial. States must have different laws concerning this and it would be great if one of our Graveyard Rabbits wrote a newsletter about this topic. I think it would take some knowledge of the law.

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