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Charles E. BURROWS

Charles E. BURROWS
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Third Row, Left Section [Grave #20 Photo # 3029]

Charles E. BURROWS, eldest son of Simeon S. BURROWS and his wife Frances G. LEWIS was born at New London, CT on 17 Jan 1849 and died 19 Jan 1886. His mother and father and siblings are buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery in New London so he is the only descendant of his line buried here. [Source: Burrows genealogy, p. 163]

The Burrows genealogy says he married a woman named Nellie Ellen Jones who was born in England and they had one child named Raymond S. BURROWS who married Caroline COLLINS. This couple is buried at Elm Grove Cemetery in Mystic. [Source: Burrows genealogy, p. 164]

This gravestone is white bronze and although it looks like granite, is metal. I think they are so interesting. I always rap my knuckle on them as I pass by. Often, the back side lists another name but I took a photo of that and there is nothing on that panel. These graves were bought by mail order.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks I am a decedent of The Burrows Intersting

My dad recently passed Robert Lee Burrows and is buried in St Marys