Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time to Plan

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Carnival of Genealogy, 87th edition: Starting the New Year.

"This is the perfect time to make your New Year resolutions, goals, aims, declarations, intentions, aspirations, objectives, plans, targets, schemes, wishes, or whatever you want to call them!"

I think that this is NOT the time to make decisions about goals. I like to make goals ("resolutions") about the first of March (when the new year was before) and have the next two winter months to do a better plan.

Some ideas for my new plan are:
  1. to keep a journal of who I have helped, what we learned and the dates I helped. (most people call these client records and reports).
  2. to scan (with my new scanner) not only photos and vital records, but many important papers in my surname notebooks to cut down on what I have been printing and filing.
  3. to make more ancestor timelines and to write short "ancestor stories" for blogging and to make genealogy more interesting for my family.
  4. to find gravestones that match my ancestors and to make a list of discrepancies in dates (this might be easy as so many are confirming evidence)
  5. to contribute more gravestones and data to Find-a-Grave.
I think that this is enough for now. Happy New Year to all of you who read my blog and thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of "goals" and "plans" for the New Year, versus resolutions too.

I hope yours all work out for 2010! Happy New Year to you and yours!

Carmen Johnson said...

Midge...I have some great goals that seem to mirror yours...however I don't seem to get as much accomplished...too much time spent working at a job, I guess!

J.M. said...

I like your goals and I wish you all the luck with them.

Enjoy 2010!