Friday, January 22, 2010

Digital Storytelling Book

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Since June 2007, I have been writing a book called Digital Storytelling Guide for Educators. It was released last week on 13 Jan 2010 and today, my author copies arrived.

I recently did a podcast with ISTE. You can listen to it here. I also did an interview with Teacher Magazine. (To read it you must register but registration is free)

For all of you who don't know this, an author has little control over the cover of the book and the publisher decides how many "author" (free) copies of the book will arrive to the author. This time I got ten copies. That's a lot.

Since this book is small in size (so it will fit in a teacher's bag or briefcase), 10 books arrived in a padded envelope this morning at 9:45 AM via UPS. They were sent last Friday and I would have received them yesterday if Monday had not been a holiday.

You can purchase a copy from Amazon ($20.21) Barnes and Noble or from ISTE's bookstore (the publisher) Want to see a free chapter?

Here's the companion Web site and a idea for using DST in the classroom (complete with lesson)

A BIG Thank You to the folks at ISTE, those teachers who contributed their ideas and resources and of course, to Bard Williams, Kathy Schrock and Ragen Tiliakos for their support. My family deserves a round of applause, too, don't you think?

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Congrats, Midge! Sounds like a great topic.