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Before the Gravestones : The HOXIE family

HOXIE name
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I'm beginning a new feature here at Granite-in-my-Blood called Before the Gravestones. It will be a blog post that gives the basic information on a particular group of gravestones that I have photographed. With this in place, readers can find out and contribute to my research.

My large and prolific DENISON family married into many of the families in the "Mystic" or Stonington, New London, Connecticut area. In this case, the plot nearby to my Denison family is one of the surname HOXIE. As "neighbors" in this large garden cemetery called Elm Grove in Mystic, CT, I thought this well laid-out plot was one that my readers may enjoy viewing.

Soon, I discovered a fellow researcher who was willing to help me with puzzling out the CLIFT and HOXIE ancestors.That always motivates me to do research when I know somebody's family will benefit from my efforts.

Turning first, to Wheeler's History of Stonington, Connecticut, I find only one page devoted to this family. Wheeler gives the immigrant ancestor as Lodowick HAWKSIE, who came to Sandwich, Massachusetts probably soon after 1650, lived on the south side of Spring Hill. He married Mary PRESBURY, daughter of John, in June 1664.

As the Sandwich (MA) Vital Records to 1850 are not ones that are included online at NEHGS, I am going to have to reference other sources for this family. Working backwards from Harriet E. CLIFT's husband Benjamin Franklin HOXIE toward Lodowick and Mary (Presbury) HAWKSIE, we find several generations of folks who lived in Sandwich, MA.'s message board system lists a book by Leslie Hoxie, "The Hoxie Family; Three Centuries In America" probably written in 1950. While I search for this, we will take a look at what Judge Wheeler lists for direct descendants to Benjamin Frankline HOXIE.

Lodowick HAWKSIE (#1) and Mary PRESBURY
Joseph HOXIE (#3) and Sarah TUCKER
Joseph HOXIE (#9) and Mary
Gideon HOXIE (#10) and Dorcas CONGDON
Lodowick HOXIE (#13) and Ruth ( probably TAYLOR)
their son Benjamin Franklin HOXIE married Harriet Elizabeth CLIFT

I did locate a HOXIE family Web site with this interesting information: "Lodowick’s name appears in the early records of Plymouth Colony and is variously spelled Hawkes, Hakse, Hackse, Hauksie, Hoxie, Hoxsie, Hox and Hawksie. The name lends itself well to spelling perversions, especially since early records typically went by how a name sounds, not to mention in that era a man spelled his name the way he pleased."


The Scrappy Genealogist said...

Hi Midge, Found your website through the FT 40 blog voting. My great grandmother in Mystic married S Jerome Hoxie. He was her second husband and they later divorced. Great blog! Jennifer

Midge Frazel said...

Cool. Glad to have you as a reader. Hoxie folks are very good people even in divorce!

Anonymous said...

Hey Midge, my name is Brett Hoxie and I'm the great grandson of Stephen Jerome Hoxie from his first wife J. Isabell Sanders. I was wondering if you had any information on the origin of Lodowick Hoxie from the british isles. Thanks!

Midge Frazel said...

Hi, Brett,

No I have no more information except what is in this blog post. I keep hoping to get a reader who knows more. I worked on this with another researcher but we have not had anyone tells more than what Jennifer has here.


Jess said...

Enjoying your posts. Heard about your blog on Family Tree.
I have a lot to read on your site. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brett - this is your dad's cousin Amy - his aunt Jean did a super history of our family - I will be sure to make a copy for the only remaining bloodline of Stephen Jerome Hoxie and Jessie Isabelle Hoxie which is you and your brother! Love from Texas

Thanks Midge for bringing us together!

jbg said...

Hi, I was wondering if any of the Hoxie family members have a biography or information on S. Jerome Hoxie, who was quite a wonderful impressionist artist. Thanks, Jeff

Midge Frazel said...

I posted your comment so others may see it. I don't know if anyone will revisit this but you might get a response.


Drew Monaghan said...

hello. I purchased an old dictionary from antique store in sandwich massachusetts about 20 years ago. it contains some old school papers and some Halloween decorations from a Chester Arthur hoxie. the date show 1917 and 1913. I would like to return these to any living relative that still lives in the area please contact me directly at

Anonymous said...

"The Hoxie Family-Three Centuries in America" can be found here at;view=1up;seq=1