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Levina FISH

Levina FISH
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Levina FISH [her photo] tops my list of favorite female ancestors. This is a photo at the right is of the back side of her headstone. The top of it simply has her initials. I am reasonably sure that she is responsible for the placement of the large Denison monument in the plot at Elm Grove Cemetery in Mystic, New London, CT. She was a commanding presence in the Dension family.

Levina was one of my 3rd great grandmothers and was widely known in Mystic for her Thanksgiving feasts. [1874 newspaper clipping from the Journal of Charles Stewart] One of the most interesting things about her is the creative way her name is spelled. On this headstone and on the monument her name is spelled Levina. But newspapers accounts, some compiled family genealogies say Levinia! [Mostly written as "Aunt Levinia"] She had nine children, one being the famous Rev. Frederic Denison, who adored her as evidenced by this poem he wrote for her birthday in 1869. He was a Baptist minister, Civil War Chaplain, author and genealogist.

Levina was the daughter of Deacon Sands FISH [1762-1838] and his wife Bridget GALLUP [1768-1842] and was herself, one of nine children. Levina married Isaac DENISON, Jr. [1790-1855] and lived in his great-grandfather's home in Mystic over looking the cove (where that 2nd great grandfather and grandmother are buried). It is my belief that Levina is responsible for moving many of the gravestones from that small cemetery to a more prominent position in the large and beautiful Elm Grove Cemetery.

That house of Capt. George DENISON's oldest son John DENISON was built about 1669 and was torn down about 1883. [source: Grace Denison Wheeler's Old Homes of Stonington p. 99]

Levina and Isaac, Jr. were prominent members of the Baptist Church in Mystic. [source: Denison genealogy]

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