Monday, May 24, 2010

Elizabeth F. HOXIE

Elizabeth F. HOXIE
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Elizabeth F. HOXIE was the unmarried daughter of Charles H. HOXIE and his wife Marguerite. After her father died, she and her mother went on two cruises together (Bermuda and France), leaving behind a valuable clue in the passenger list to solve the mystery of what her mother's maiden name might be.

In that passenger list, Elizabeth's place of birth in Massachusetts was spelled incorrectly. Taking a stab at the right location, I hit paydirt to easily find her birth record in the Massachusetts vital records for the city of Quincy! On her birth record, her name is listed as Elizabeth Foote Hoxie, with the same birth date as this gravestone. Her father's name is correct with his occupation as insurance agent and her mother's name as "Daisy" Foote. [Daisy is a common nickname for Marguerite.]

Elizabeth  lived as a devoted daughter to her mother in Massachusetts and died there in 1986 as you can see my her gravestone. Whether her mother "Daisy" is related to the Foote grave nearby is still to be determined.

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