Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marguerite F. HOXIE

Marguerite F. HOXIE
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Marguerite F. Hoxie who was born 12 Jan 1874 and died 25 Jan 1967 was the husband of Charles H. HOXIE. I don't know her maiden name. One census record says her first name is F. Marguerite which is contrary to this gravestone. I so wish women would record their maiden names on their gravestones! [Even my own mother didn't do this!]

Apparently, Marguerite was born in New York to parents who were born in Massachusetts. She and Charles married about 1899 maybe in Boston. That's about all the census records can tell us about her.

Charles and Marguerite had a daughter who did not marry and is buried here with them.

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