Monday, May 03, 2010

Nellie Hoxie LAMBERT

Nellie HOXIE Lambert
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Nellie Hoxie LAMBERT was the only child of Mary H. HOXSIE and Joseph W. LAMBERT. She was born in the year 1880 and died in 1950. She was unmarried.

After her father died, she continued to live with her mother. She was a devoted daughter and was probably unmarried. I did find a death record [Connecticut Death Index] for her which states that she was married but there's no evidence to support this. She was 70 years old at her death, the gravestone lists her maiden name and she is buried with her parents.

The 1900 census states she was born in Feb 1880 but I have not yet located the 1880 census for the family. This family lived in Stamford and Greenwich counties but all all buried together in the Hoxie plot.

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