Friday, June 11, 2010

Eugenia Barbara HOXIE

Eugenia H. PARKER
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Eugenia "Jean" Barbara Hoxie was the daughter of John Holdrege Hoxie and Emma Neville and was born 16 April 1921. She married first, Thomas Willey Parker and they had a son named Richard Hoxie Parker.

Notice how the Hoxie name keeps turning up (as middle names) in the later generations in this family!

Jean married secondly Gino Raimondi. She was a claims adjuster for General Dynamics. She died 12 May 1996 and is buried at Elm Grove Cemetery in Mystic with her parents. Her gravestone lists both her married names. I did not see either husband buried in this section.

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ladylateer said...

Gene's 1st husband Tom was cremated, and his ashes scattered by the home he shared with his 2nd wife (in Cornwall, CT). Eugenia's 2nd husband Gino died only a couple of years ago, and he is probably buried in Mass where he spent his remaining years living with his son & family.