Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Making the Table

Cherry Sewing Table 2
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"For Eliza Fish Denison, given by her to her son Charles E. Stewart"

 "Made by Daniel Edgecomb, Mystic, 1823"

If these notes had not be written in "their drawers", I would not have known the history of this table. It is confirming evidence that the writing in the family bible was done by Eliza Fish Dension Stewart. She lived with her son after her husband died, and lived a good long time with them. My grandfather was a teenager when she died and must have listened to her stories of the family history. Charles, my great grandfather, kept a scrapbook of newspaper clippings. Most of them were about the North Stonington area, so I donated it to the North Stonington Historical Society after photocopying several pages of articles and obituaries.

Because this lower inscription says "for", it confirms that this piece of furniture was given to her from the Fish household, passed to my great-grandfather, my grandfather, my mother and now to me.

But, what is most mysterious is the original notation about Daniel Edgecomb. Daniel Denison Edgecomb (1802-1887) was the grandson of Rachel Denison (1734-1815), wife of Joseph Copp. She was the great grandaughter of John Borodell Denison and his wife Phebe Lay who are in my direct line.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Your story of the sewing table is priceless! I am sure you are glad to have those family pieces to hand down to your daughter and grandson later. I think it is nice to have ancestors who were stewards and took care of their items to pass down.

Anonymous said...

Pleased that the craftsman made a personal note - our old piano tuner used to make pencil marks on our elderly piano's hammers. He could tell us some of the history by identifying other piano tuner's marks. Fascinating stuff. You must add your own note :-)