Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Archival Safe Photo Storage Boxes

When I reported that I am trying to tackle a big photo project, I got a lot of questions about the process that I am following and what materials are save for storing photographs.

I purchased these two photo boxes at The Container Store. You can buy them online or at a store. I have done both. My local store is in Natick, Massachusetts. I love all things organized so it is great fun to go there. I spent almost $200 on items for my house and for gifts. Yikes!

If you click on the photo here, it will take you to Flickr where you can get the name of the item and it's current cost at the Container Store.

I think I have developed a good system for tackling such a big photo project but I am still testing it out. While you are waiting for me to report in on that, I will blog about the "stuff of archival" and why you need it.

The first and largest photo box that I purchased was from University Products. They have the largest selection of boxes and supplies. They were recommended by my friend Maureen Taylor, the world's foremost Photo Detective so you know they must be good.

I wanted to point people to smaller boxes and bags that could be ordered as a gift for Christmas so I ordered the photo bags and boxes from The Container Store. The quality of what I purchased was good. The boxes shown here are the "small" and "large" boxes for photos.

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