Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Foreign Language Gravestones

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Taken in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in NY by my friend Kathy Schrock is this interesting gravestone. A fellow genealogist used a Czech dictionary to translate some of the words.

"He was happy to set foot with the Lord (or in English - He happily walked with God)
Born on July 18 in the year 1892.
Died on October 30th of ...the year 1919.
He is peaceful/tranquil in his dust (peaceful in the grave)."

Notice that it was easy to find his name, the dates of birth and death and that he was a Christian. I was surprised to see how the other words fit into a New England/New York style of gravestone words.

I found his draft card at Ancestry.com but otherwise, not much about him.

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