Friday, February 18, 2011

Aunt Fred

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Fredericka Merrow HYDE (1885-1960) married Eugene Allen DUNBAR on 21 Apr 1914 and had four children. To my husband's Frazel family, they were known as Uncle Gene and Aunt Fred, a source of great joking by my husband and his brothers who thought being a woman who was called Fred was pretty funny.

This is where the Dunbar family and the Frazel family get connected. They lived in houses next door to each other. There was a huge field in between the houses. We drove there last fall, taking the photos of the houses with us to make sure we were in the right place.

My husband thought it couldn't be right. The field is now a parking lot for the house my father-in-law lived in. Our daughter thinks the house style resembles the brand new one we live in now. Interesting, huh?

To my knowledge no family lives in either house now. I was glad I took the photos with me.

These two sisters were quite close. The third sister, the eldest, was a nurse. That's quite a tale. We'll get to it.

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