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Fredericka Merrow HYDE

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This is the headstone of Fredericka who was one of Linda Edward's HYDE's sisters. She is buried on the opposite side of the Maplewood Cemetery in Marlborough to her sister and the FRAZEL family. The headstones surround a large granite monument for the four surnames. [blog post to follow about this plot]

Fredericka was the youngest of the her three sisters. She was the mother of Eleanor Dunbar Sargent who is the family historian for this family and the person who is helping us with this family history.

Fredericka was born in Marlborough, MA on 25 Sept 1885. The parents lived in both Rockland, Maine where Linda was born, and in Marlborough, MA where the other two sisters were born.

I might have thought Linda was born in Marlborough too if I didn't have accurate records and the information in the Merrow genealogy to back it up. This is how some family records get confused. Luckily, we didn't make a mistake. [Merrow genealogy p. 449-450)

Fredericka died on 8 June 1960 as it says her on her headstone.

More on Fredericka in the next blog post....

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