Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: William CARPENTER

William Carpenter by midgefrazel
William Carpenter a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

William CARPENTER's final resting spot is marked by this rock. Yes, it is a rock but it is called a fieldstone. New England graveyards are filled with markers like these that just look like rocks. Most are not carved.

I think this is an interesting one because of it's shape and because it is actually carved. It reads WC 1658.

The reverse and the sides show no markings. I photographed the back of it just so I could remember if I did or not.

I am grateful to Charlie Carpenter of North Kingstown, RI to show me where this fieldstone is located and to let me take his picture with the stone. That was you can see how small it really is.

William, the son of William, was born about 1605 in England. He died in Rehoboth (see yesterday's post) 7 Feb 1658. [William CARPENTER William. Sr., Feb. 7, 1658 Rehoboth, Massachusetts, United States Death Vital Records of Rehoboth]

Gene Zubrinsky was kind enough to help me with my Carpenter line and to give me a list of my ancestors based on Amos Carpenter's Genealogy and warned me about the imperfect nature of that genealogy book. It was one of the best emails I have ever received from a professional. He even included a copy of an article he wrote in TAG. His article and email demonstrates the excellence in collaboration between genealogists.

I spent quite a lot of time at NEHGS online finding as many vital records as I can for these ancient Carpenters. They weren't there when Gene wrote to me so I was excited to locate them this weekend. I was also rewarded with finding an online version of the Carpenter genealogy.

There's nothing like a gravestone to inspire me to work on this line again!


Heather Rojo said...

I've seen those types of stones and they are difficult to identify. The carving is usually illegible. Good job here!

Randy Seaver said...


May I shamelessly copy your photo of dear 10th great-gtrandfather William's rough-hewn stone?

My son of this William is Samuekl Carpenter (1638-1683) who married Sarah Redway. Who's yours?

I exchanged email from Gene Z some time ago, and he provided me with links and material also. I wish more authors did this!

Cheers, cousin M!

Midge Frazel said...

I expected that you might have Carpenters as when I read your Surname Saturday post, I see lots of surnames that we have in common.

Please help yourself and you may also write about him on Tuesday too!


Loretta said...

I am related through both the William Carpenter of Rehoboth , 9th GGF and the William Carpenter of Providence RI also 9th GGF. Their children Hannah and Joseph married and the rest is history. My family is Loyalist on both Carpenter and Worden lines. I am grateful to have found your blog and now understand about Rehoboth changing States. I look forward to seeing more of your blogs. Take care, Loretta