Wednesday, March 23, 2011

William's Fieldstone

I thought I'd post what I have learned about CARPENTERS since last Saturday when I went to the Newman Cemetery in Rumford, RI.

But, first, here is another shot of William Carpenter's fieldstone. As you can see there are other "rocks" around it. I have no idea why there are pink plastic flowers in this general area. Perhaps they are there to guide others to this spot.

Gene Zubrinsky has been all over the Internet helping others understand the mistakes in Amos Carpenter's genealogy. I discovered he has a great Web site (with a PDF for offsite reading) to help all of us "Carpenters" with understanding our lines. Even if you are not a Carpenter, it is worth a look as it is a great example of shared, researched material.

Carpenter's Encyclopedia of Carpenters
Eugene Cole Zubrinsky, "William1 Carpenter of Newtown, Shalbourne, Wiltshire (Bevis, 1638)" (2008; rev. 16 Oct. 2010), 3, online at

My line (as worked out by Gene):

William 1576-unknown
William abt 1605-1658
William 1631-unknown
Nathaniel 1667-1727
Ezekiel 1696-1770
Nathaniel 1719-1772
Molly 1751- 1796, wife of Japheth BICKNELL
 and so forth down to me.

I have very few lines where there are this many men of the same surname.

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