Sunday, July 17, 2011


CleverWrapped iPhone by midgefrazel
CleverWrapped iPhone, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
Recently, our family experienced a technology disaster. While at the beach, a big wave came and drenched an iPhone (not mine). In case you didn't know this, water, sand and technology do not mix.

Some years ago, I purchased my first ebook reader (a RocketEBook) and put it in a no-longer-available Zipock freezer half gallon bag when I thought I might be near water.  That bag has been packed in my beach bag ever since. Shown here is my nook inside that bag. It worked fine but it was hard to read through the thick plastic. But, I am keeping it in my bag anyway.

Before I went to the beach, I purchased from the CleverWraps Web site, two packages of RingerWraps (for our iPhones) and CleverWraps for my nook eReader and iPad. I was worried that they might not arrive on time, so I posted a message to the CleverWraps Facebook page and the company sent them to me with a faster shipping method at no charge. I got the company business card and a great handwritten note with them. That is exceptional customer service.

We put all our electronics in them and used them at the beach and by the pool. They are very clear and easy to use when the devices while they are encased in the wraps. See them in use by my family member:

I thought you'd like to see one close-up so I took a photo of it on my beach towel.

Here's our family model using one. Note that her sparkly iPhone case fits inside but mine doesn't as it is a rubbery bumper style. Not a problem because my case is easily removed.

I really can't say enough nice things about this product. Buy some. Use them. Don't make expensive mistakes with technology.

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Karen McElaney said...


I just now stumbled across this blog post. Thanks so much for the very nice review! Your family models are very nice looking....we love the photos. If you have a chance please post them on our FB page. I am going to share your blog with all of our fans on FB....

Thanks again, Midge!

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