Thursday, December 01, 2011


Kezia PARMENTER by midgefrazel
Kezia PARMENTER, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
Kezia or Keziah PARMENTER is buried in the Wilson St. section of Evergreen Cemetery in Marlborough, MA. She was the sister of my husband's ancestor Ezra PARMENTER who married Susan or Susannah BROWN.

Kezia whose maiden name was PARMENTER married a PARMENTER!

She was married on 15 Jan 1797 in Sudbury and died, as you can see here, on 26 July 1849 in Marlborough at 75 years of age.

It is not unique in New England for "cousins" to marry. All of the graves in this row are her family. They photographed very well.

To find her birth record, I had to use the name "Thirze" as it was given in the Parmenter genealogy. She is #602 on page 67.

Thirze, d. of Joshua, bp. June 26, 1774. C.R.1. Birth/Framingham, MA

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