Sunday, January 29, 2012

Property of Ebenezer Part 1

From the family book of 20 pages of Ebenezer Hyde [NEHGS] donated by Clarence Saunders Brigham 

Capitalization and punctuation are as in the transcribed and printed document. Order of sentences are adjusted for this post. I wish he had included his marriage dates.

"Ebenezer Hyde was born the 30 day of April and in the year 1755. my first wife Ruth Hyde was born the 1 day of July and in the year 1765 my second wife Abigail Hyde was born the 20 day of June and in the year 1762.
my first wife name was Ruth onthnank
my second wife name was Abigail Newton
Ruth Hyde my wife Died September the 8 day in the year 1793 and she was 28 year old and two months and 8 Day when she Died.
my first wife mother onthank Died the 28 Day in December and in the year 1794 and she was 68 years old and two mounths (sic) and twelve day
my second wife mother newton Died the 4 Day in June and in the year 1793
father newton [David NEWTON] Died the 19 of March and in the year 1807 and in his ninetieth year of his age."

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