Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eunice Williams (1792-1801)

Eunice Williams (1792-1801) by midgefrazel

photograph by Frederick E. Burdick, all rights reserved. 

Epitaph Week

Buried at the Whitehall Burying Ground #21 in Mystic, New London, CT is this sandstone/brownstone grave of little Eunice Williams, daughter of Daniel and Eunice.

She was born on Christmas Day, 1792 and died on 12 Oct 1801.

I am grateful to Grace Denison Wheeler for transcribing this gravestone as you can see this stone had not lasted very well. 

"All lovely in her father's sight, almost her mother's whole delight, but Oh! she's gone from this world's charm"

There are so many females named Eunice in the surrounding cemeteries in this section of Connecticut, that without a transcription, it would be hard to sort them all out.

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