Sunday, May 06, 2012

Ancient Graves at North Cemetery

North Cemetery by midgefrazel
North Cemetery, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

A Good Look at GOODENOW
When I took this photo of some of the grouping of gravestones in the North Cemetery in Wayland, MA (used to be East Sudbury), I was there to find the memorial gravestone of Edmund RICE.

We took some great shots with and without the mirror. It is a spectacularly interesting cemetery. Not only are there old gravestones, but there is a ancient Native American section and a lovely Jewish cemetery. I call that one stop shopping for a gravestone photographer and researcher. If someone says, "Hey, let's go to Wayland!", I am so excited. They probably don't mean a trip to the graveyard, huh?

I thought that might be the case this week as I try to add more ancestors to my growing tree of my husband's family. When I followed one line back, I got to a great surname of GOODENOW.

You should see how many ways they spelled this surname! Hubs only had three GOODENOW people so far. The immigrant and his wife, their son and wife, and a granddaughter. (So far....)

I was looking over my source list and it is growing rather rapidly. There is a modern GOODENOW genealogy which is in the GOODENOW library in Sudbury but I think I might not need it!

I discovered the Goodenow Family Association online which carries my hubs family down to exactly what I discovered on my own. Sometimes, it is great to have a "no-brainer" line that has cool old gravestones.

I was looking over my photos of the North cemetery and much to my surprise, I already had taken the gravestones of Edmund GOODENOW and his wife. I admit I remembered the stones but not the name. I just thought they were cool.

I am still learning the Aviary photo editor that Flickr is offering free. I adored Picnik but they were owned by Google and it is rolled into Google+. I thought I'd apply a special effect to this photo for fun. I think it looks like I took this photo in 1958!

Stay tuned for some great photos in the upcoming week!

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