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Edgcomb Cemetery Wall

Edgcomb Cemetery Wall by midgefrazel
Edgcomb Cemetery Wall, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
Photos of Edgcomb Cemetery #54 by Brian Zoldak, used with his permission [Photos taken 4 July 2012]
North Stonington, New London, CT: Cemetery #54

Update at end of post
Last week, I blogged about the sisters buried in the Stewart Hill Cemetery in North Stonington and I wondered if Nathan Edgcomb, husband of Sarah L. Stewart was buried with his first wife. It was a lucky guess. He's buried in Edcomb Cemetery #54. Brian Zoldak tracked him down. This is a tiny family cemetery off the beaten path in North Stonington. 

Find-a-Grave's listing for the cemetery must have been taken from this transcription. Notice, that there are RELATIONSHIPS with each name (probably from the Hale project of the 1930s). That's what you need to see, so that if you are working with families in New England in this time period, you can start to get the records you need. Unfortunately, the person who put up the information for this cemetery, put 13 burials, repeating one person.
  1. Edgcomb, Nathan S., died Jan. 12, 1875, age 78
  2. Edgcomb, Julia E., wife of Nathan S., died Aug. 25, 1854, age 47
  3. Edgcomb, Louise, wife of Howard M., died Sept. 10, 1870, age 23 yrs. 8 mos.
  4. Edgcomb, Henry C., son of Nathan S. & Julia E., died Oct. 16, 1848, age 18 yrs. 8 mos.
  5. Edgcomb, Nathan S., born Nov. 4, 1827, died Apr. 26, 1900
  6. Edgcomb, Mary Hallett, wife of Nathan S., born Mar. 10, 1834, died Oct. 17, 1878
  7. Edgcomb, Cyrus H., son of Nathan S. & Prudence M., died Feb. 15, 1863, age 7 yrs. 1 mo. 22 days
  8. Edgcomb, Harry H., born Jan 30, 1869, died Nov. 24, 1909
  9. Maine, Cyrus Wheeler, born May 18, 1822, died July 14, 1894
  10. Maine, Julia Edgcomb, his wife, born Dec. 22, 1825, died Oct. 22, 1870
  11. Edgcomb, Annie M, wife of Howard M., died Oct. 23, 1886, age 51
  12. Edgcomb, Anette M. Lamb, wife of Howard M., died Feb. 20, 1898, age 54
Little family cemeteries like this one are endangered. It is important to photograph them and share the photos with family so that everyone does go off looking for it (many are not on public land), get lost, get snake bites or worst of all topple over a headstone by mistake. Thank you Brian for your excellent work.

As you can see, I have determined that the earliest burial is Henry C. Edgcomb who was a teenager when buried here.  

Now, can I connect the folks buried here with my distant cousin Daniel Edgcomb, who made the table I own? 

Update! My "unofficial research assistant, whose name is Linda, and I share many CT ancestors. She found a genealogy and a paper online that will be a big help. Take a look at the title of this paper!

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