Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Rev. James Noyes

Photo by Frederck E. Burdick, town historian (please respect his copyright)
CD of this graveyard is available for purchase from him.
Used with Permission

This gravestone, one of the most amazing in the Wequetequock Burying Ground in Mystic, CT (1650), the oldest graveyard in Stonington, is a fine example of a tablet stone and are very hard to photograph because you must be up above it to get it all in the frame. I visited this graveyard with Fred a few years ago and decided not to take any photos but just walk around and look at the stones he pointed out. So many of my ancestors are buried there.

I didn't know, at that time, that my Stanton line is from this man's wife, Dorothy Stanton. That's the line I used to join the Thomas Stanton Society and the late Bernie Stanton told me that not too many people have chosen to join with this line.

I like the words, "In expection...", because he was a minister for more than 55 years. He should expect a good spot in Heaven, don't you think?


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Hi Midge, It is a lovely tribute to a man who lived his life in the service of others and of God. So happy you have posted this information and picture (and yes, all should respect the copyright on the photo). Thanks Midge!

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Hello. My name is Jennifer I am Rev James Noyes G8 or he is my grandfather 8 generations ago. It is amazing what James Noyes and really the Noyes family achived when settling in the Free Country. Our Roots are huge and very strong. from Harvard and Yale, to Oneida Community.. Glad to find cousins or relatives in the blood line of Noyes.