Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Important Items

Important Items by midgefrazel
Important Items, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Before we moved, I gathered some items from my desk and put them in a box so I could find them after I moved. I love some of these so much that I bought a little display shelf for them over my desk which is in our bedroom. 

The two little iron paperweights were my mother's favorite as they belonged to her side of the family. I suspect she painted the design on the one on the right. The duck clip was holding important papers on my grandfather's desk and my grandmother gave it to me after Grandpa died. 

The leather item is a bookmark. It says I fell asleep here.

The last two items were mine as a child. I got the pencil sharpener in my stocking for Christmas and the child scissors were given to me when I was about 4.


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Celia Lewis said...

Love the duck-bill clip, Midge! How lovely to have such fascinating memorabilia - on your desk, every day! Thanks for sharing these lovely items.