Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1820 Census

The 1820 census for North Stonington, CT enumerated in August of 1820 lists both of the households of my ancestor, Edward Stewart/Steward an his brother George Palmer Stewart/Steward on separate lines. This is the first page of the 25 pages of records for the town with the signature of the enumerator.

I printed the forms for the 1820 census and worked out the two families. My Edward and his wife are correctly identified as well as the children. (Hooray!)

There is one female, who is free and 45 years (old and older) that I can't identify. 

The good news is that my ancestor, Dudley Wheeler Stewart is not listed as a baby. He was born in December of 1820. There is one free colored male 14 to 25 living there. He is probably a farm worker. I wonder who he was?

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