Friday, January 04, 2013

As Time Passes

Evans Collage by midgefrazel
Evans Collage, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

 Project Goal: Photographs
One of the trickiest thing to do in projects is to sort through the "stuff" and put the items in chronical order. You saw the earlier photo of my grandfather a few days ago. These are the two professional photos that he had taken after he was married and became a businessman in his own right, separate from his father.

In the past, men seldom retired. There wasn't a law. There wasn't a pension nor was there social security. Charlie and Evans, father and son worked together for along time. With different ideas on how the business should work, it must have been a battle of wills with Evans convincing his father to expand the business and add dry cleaning to the laundry.

I am more fond of the story of the Westerly Laundry than I am of Victor because I never saw it or heard about this first business. 

Why did Charlie, an accountant and bookkeeper, found a laundry business? He was one of those people, meticulous and exact. He was good with detail. 

Why did he get involved with (dirty) laundry?

This question may never be answered. But, you should know, my grandfather had a brother. I don't think he liked the laundry business. They called him the black sheep. I have no photos of him but he does play into the business. 

Notice how much hair my grandfather lost over the years!

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