Sunday, January 06, 2013

Evidence: First Look

Family Bible by midgefrazel
Family Bible, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.


Honestly, I don't think of my Stewart Family Bible as information. It has been passed down from my 2nd great grandparents to me. Even in 2002 when I inherited it, I wanted to rip out the pages in the middle and photocopy and scan them and ditch this big, heavy book!

But, I managed to photocopy them and the title page enough to enter the information into my database. But, I broke the binding even though two of us held the book and copied the pages. Then, I used my digital camera to photograph the pages and then I scanned them with my Flip-Pal. Enough!

This Bible held many family documents and I have removed them all and put them in archival envelopes. Only one, about my Evans family is unproven as of today. 

I have cropped sections and I have tried to ignore my mother's dementia of writing something over and over on pages.

But, it is my first link to my family. When my grandmother's safe was robbed, the Bible was in the bookcase and was not stolen. The papers and my grandmother's diamond rings are gone. She was in the hospital and wearing her gold wedding band. That's what I wear today. She gave it to me to make into my own band. My mother was annoyed that I didn't want one with diamonds like hers.

Today, I started to scan vital records. The originals are in a fireproof metal box. They are photocopied and in a notebook. But, I only scanned the oldest one.

I was lucky to have neough money to replace the vital records that were stolen. The most expensive was my grandfather's death record. $28. I photocopied the check and the form I sent in plus his obituary and death notice to give the State of Massachusetts information so they could find it easily. I'd like to finish the list of reasons people died. Disease is winning in the causes and you don't want to hear me tell you I already have ancestral diseases.

This part of the project is hard. I have taken substitute non primary records for some records. I have learned some records can be found because the states did not record them in that year.        

I needed there proofs to join the DAR and The Mayflower Society and doing so taught me how to connect generations together. 

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