Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dudley's Face!

Evans Stewart and his brother Dudley Stewart,
courtesy of Mystic River Historical Society
by Dorothy Hanna
Evans and his little Brother Dudley, 1893

When Dorothy Hanna told me that she found a photo in an album at the Mystic River Historical Society, I wondered if it was my grand uncle at all. She scanned it front and back and emailed it to me. She asked if Evans Stewart was my grandfather and I said he was. Then, I knew it was going to me a terrific find. I couldn't wait to open my email.

The back of the photo gives a collection # of 2008.039 and she said they may belong to a woman named Eliza Denison Schoonover. I will have to look that up in the Denison genealogy but the handwriting on the back does like my 2nd great grandmother's. She was Eliza Denison Stewart. It could be a whole album of photos of my family!

My grandfather (on the left) looks a lot like his other photos. It states he is 7. That would date the photo to 1893. It fits in my timeline for the photographer, Schofield Bros in Westerly and for Charles and Ada Stewart moving to Westerly and starting the Westerly Laundry behind the Dixon House.  


Dudley does look different from his brother, just as I was told and from his Draft Cards, it states his eyes were dark. The photo back states he is 20 months which allows me to date the photo more closely.

 Dudley was born 11 Nov 1891 and using the date calculator in RootsMagic 6, I get July 1893. Since Evans was born in September, this helps with a more accurate date.

Aren't they cute? I am so glad to see what Dudley looked like! Thank you Dorothy!


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I'd be excited too, what a wonderful find.

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