Thursday, January 17, 2013

Taking the Challenge

The Armchair Genealogist's Challenge
I will be participating in this year's writing challenge but my writing will be hosted by my other blog, Beyond the Horizon, since I write almost daily in this blog, my word count for the challenge will be too much for placing in one single blog. I am wordy or I am word rich depending on how you feel about me.

I will count the writing I do as a combination of what I am writing here about gravestones and my project based genealogy. This way, what I am writing will be accessible to my readers if they want to read that too (or not).

The Beyond the Horizon blog, is more like a journal because I write about technology as it applies to genealogy so it meets my personal and professional goals. That was my first blog so I like to think of it daily. It needs an overhaul.

I decided today what I am going to write about in my challenge. I am going to write about the oldest photographs in my collection and how I am taking care of them and how I am archiving them. For the technology part, I will be photographing them in their archival envelopes. I will also report on how I scan them and back them up.

To learn about the Family History Writing Challenge, click the graphic below:

Family History Writing Challenge

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