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David Frauzel

David Frauzel by midgefrazel
Photo by ALB Frauzel, used with permission

Johann David Frauzel
1823 to 1901
Baker Settlement Cemetery, Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, Canada

Known as David, son of Johann George FRAUZEL and Mary Ann Diemont, he is my husband's second great grandfather. Listed as born 23 Jan 1821 [in the 1901 census of Canada] (note the stone says 1823), in Waterloo, Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, he married Sophia Ann BAKER in 1846.

Joseph David Frazel was his third son and my husband's great grandfather who came to America with his wife and children.

Alice just found this flat-to-the-ground gravestone this past week. Before this we thought that his grave was marked with a simple FRAUZEL marker. Of course, we don't know who that is now!

This couple had about 8 children. I easily found the 1901 census because his name David FRAUZEL was spelled correctly. Of course, by then this man was 80 years old and all his children were grown or had died so I don't have a clear picture of the family.

We know, from this 1901 census, that he was a farmer and he was listed as a Lutheran and of German descent. I have learned that is customary for men to use their middle names dropping their first name but we have noticed that after this generation, men used their first names when they came to America.

It is interesting to note that my husband's older brother is named David Frazel. My late mother-in-law did not know there was another David in a previous generation when she named my brother-in-law David.

The 1861 Canadian census lists David and Sophia's surname as FROSSEL so I had to be creative when searching for them. Our next step is to work out all of the children. So far, we have two men named with a similar name who lived to adulthood. So much is a work in progress!

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