Friday, May 10, 2013

Sophia Baker

David and Sophia Frauzel, from the family collection of Melinda Frazel Mlodzienski
Sophia Baker by midgefrazel
Photo by ALB Frauzel, 2013, used with permission
Sophia Baker

I think it is great to have gravestones plus a picture of what the people who are buried there looked like when they were young. This "photo" probably of a oil paintings looks like it was photographed separately and combined into one picture. Since Sophia and David are said to have been married in 1846, then it certainly suspect to be a photo. 

We do know that Robert Frauzel visited Nova Scotia several times to learn about his roots. His records, probably from his genealogy software program, were exported to a text file so formatting them is going to be a big project. 

Alice and I are still working on this project together. Between Robert's information and gravestones we are getting enough information to work on David and Sophia's children and grandchildren. As Sophia is a Baker, I am going to have to let Alice research them since she tells me there are several Baker families in the area. She tells me that local records say Baker's Settlement and not Baker Settlement as it says on the cemetery sign.

I am still learning about Canadian records, so there will be more to report on as time goes on. Just to make things interesting, Sophia mother's maiden name is FANCY. 

I am still puzzling over two SONS named a similar name. One named Alonzo (1853-1929) and the other Alonzas (1863-1955). I wonder how common a first name this is?


Celia Lewis said...

I have several Alonzo names in my 1840-1870 time span, Midge. They do seem odd attached to German or English names, don't they?!
Lovely photos of this couple.

Anonymous said...

Hi Midge, Possibly could be a photo or photo's. There were a few studios in big cities in Canada (Montreal and Toronto) from the mid-1840's. His looks like a photo but maybe hers is less realistic. Either way, very good. Hope this is helpful.