Friday, May 17, 2013

Little Lighthouse

Mystic Seaport (2004) by midgefrazel
Mystic Seaport (2004), a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Lighting the Way to Summer

Realizing that many of my readers do not live in New England but have New England ancestry, I looked through the photographs of gravestones I have not yet blogged about and thought about summer in New England. This little lighthouse symbolized the idea of the close-knit families of life by the ocean. (Don't miss the huge house in the right side of the background!)

Mystic Seaport offers an interesting perspective on the life and times of the seafaring men in Connecticut and Rhode Island. The popular movie, Mystic Pizza, sparked interest in this area.  I put the link here, not to the movie but to the "real" place. Not everything in movies is real but this is. (Wikipedia: Mystic Pizza)

I enjoy this area where many of my maternal ancestors lived. The Mystic River Historical Society has helped me with many of my blog posts. I didn't expect that and it is one of the pleasures of having people who are interested in my work and my ancestry.

I don't know much about the sea-faring men and their families who knew my ancestors and are "cousins" in my charts. I thought I'd keep cool this summer by learning about them. Maybe you have some too and can look for their gravestones this summer. Occasionally, I will post just a photo of Mystic Seaport to keep you interested since I am not blogging daily.

Get out your sunglasses and hat and don't forget your sunscreen because this project is to be known as:

Summer of the Sea Captain

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Anonymous said...

Hi Midge, Can't wait! Mystic is a special place for me although I have never been there. I will get there someday! Your Sea Captains project sound so wonderful!