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Eunice Pendleton

Capt. Lyman Hall's First Family
Eunice Pendleton, wife of Capt. Lyman Hall, photo by Brian Zoldak, used with permission, 2013

Eunice,/wife of/Capt. Lyman Hall/& daughter of Capt. John Pendleton./Born Aug. 26, 1766/died March 31, 1794/ Aged 27 years.

Capt. Lyman and Eunice were married on 27 Jan 1787 by Elder Isaiah Wilcox in Westerly, RI. 

A family member tells me that his family history tells him that Lyman Hall built a house at  a location called India Point in 1787.This sent me on an adventure to find out what this means and where it was located.

There is a vital record for this marriage which lists his father was Joseph (deceased) and her father as Capt. John Pendleton as it states on her gravestone.

It was the information that his father was Joseph that I needed to connect this branch of the Hall family back to the one I already in my tree. 

Eunice and Lyman had four children before she passed away: Eunice (1788-unknown), babies Joseph (1790-1790), Lyman 1st (1791-1791), Lyman 2nd (1792-1854), and John Pendleton Hall (1794- 1876). She died the day after her last child was born. How very sad. What was he going to do now?

Lettering in Marble

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