Saturday, August 03, 2013

Writing Presentations

Designing, Developing and Presenting

This past week, I have been furiously designing and developing two separate face-to-face presentations that I will be giving in the fall. It is a lot of hard work because not only does it require research, taking photographs, creating PowerPoint slides, deciding on a verbal script but it also requires that I create a handout. For one, I am giving a live talk at a cemetery. It will have to be fast. It could be hot or even worse raining.....

Since you, the Web audience, most likely will not be at either presentation, I think I will plan to post some of the slides here after both events have taken place. I hope my readers will like this idea.

One presentation is for a family reunion for the Edmund Rice Family Association and is a private event (unless you pay to go to the reunion). This is what this family shares on their Web site for information about their family. I love "Edmund Rice 101". Take a look at what they know and more importantly what they can't prove and the citations  they provide.

Here's the opening slide for that 30-35 minute talk about gravestones. It is designed to help those who come to the reunion yearly and take part in that "cemetery tour" to learn more about their ancestors.

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