Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thrice Rice: Benjamin Rice

Thrice Rice: Benjamin Rice

Benjamin Rice of Marlborough is a third generation descendant of Deacon Edmund Rice. The life of Deacon Edmund Rice is well researched and is presented to all in this document amusingly called, Edmund Rice 101

Benjamin Rice was born in Marlborough on 22 Dec 1666 and lived his whole life there. He was the father of nine children. One of his sons Deacon Mattias Rice (of Northborough) was the first husband of the second wife of Ens. Abraham Rice. This just goes the demonstrate how intermarried this family is in this area. Benjamin lived to be 82 years old.

Adorned with the swirling rosettes, the lettering on this gravestone is all uppercase and you can still see the lines the gravestone carver used as a guide. The death head is not the same style as the "lightbulb head" found on area gravestones.

My husband is descended from Benjamin's brother, Daniel Rice. As we don't know where Daniel is buried, we have adopted Benjamin as our own for this period of time.

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