Monday, January 06, 2014

Anthony the Quaker

page cxxxvi of Alysworth genealogy
Huh? How do you spell that?
Aylsworth genealogy, p. iv

Well, no wonder, I was having trouble spelling the name to find vital records in Rhode Island. Fortunately, with each generation, the wife of each man has a first and maiden name. I can find a few marriage records.

Aylsworth genealogy, p. 80, asterisk for date of emigration is not proved. They were there in 1790 census.

When my daughter wanted to name her first son, Anthony, after her husband's side of the family, I told her that, we too, had a Anthony. That made everyone happy. 

Notice, that this Anthony is the one who went to Adams, MA and listed as buried in the "Friends" cemetery and that they were Quakers. I was sure that I would find no headstones, even for generations after this. I comforted myself that I knew where they were resting. 

But, my inner light keeps pushing me forward. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Midge, What an amazing number of variations for a single surname!

Hulda said...

Thanks for getting the "right" Anthony. Some editing in order.

Anonymous said...

Otho Nial Aylesworth, son of Job Aylesworth and Sarah Clarke was married to Charlotte Bowerman (my 1st cousin, 6x removed).

Did a Google search on "Aylesworth" and it brought me to

That site contains a lot of info for anyone searching for their Aylesworth ancestors.


p.s. Google search also listed a news article about Grant Aylesworth, an anthropology professor at Mount Allison University using digital images and 3D software to uncover the inscriptions on historic headstones in the Fort Gaspareaux National Historic Site. How fascinating and useful!