Friday, January 03, 2014

Quaker Meeting House

Quaker Meeting House by midgefrazel
Quaker Meeting House, a photo by Hulda Jowett, 2011, used with permission

Quaker Meeting House and home to Adams Historical Society.

The first Web page that I looked at (some time ago) gave me hope that I was going to be able to trace the family of my great grandmother, Ada Ann Evans. Notice it took them 15 years to build a meeting house. 

I am working with the Aylsworth genealogy. (which is out of copyright) It is slow going. I laughed when I saw this tiny graphic of a snail. I am reading it on my iPad mini one page at a time. The list of surnames is in the BEGINNING of the book.

The first generation doesn't begin until page 36 which is half way through the book. My Aylsworth line is Ada Ann6,  Warner5, Anthony4, Anthony3, John2, Arthur1.

Snail graphic from Aylesworth genealogy

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