Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Commission

Finding Rhode Island Cemeteries

Case Study: Capt. Nathan Barber Lot

Rhode Island recently converted the cemetery transcription database into a full fledged Web site with many resources including a section on how to locate, photograph and record gravestones. It is terrific and still growing. (Important: Handbook including Statues of Law)

For our first case study, I used the database to locate all men named Nathan Barber. Notice the results not only includes the information that was in the old database but it will be including photographs (as available) and it will include those who served in a War. I am going to be using this Web site to check each ancestor for confirming what I know. 

Did you see the Find-a-Grave link? 
Did you see the "graves per page" choice? 

Using the database to find an ancestor: All I did was type in his last name and first name:

Screen Shot of Sample Search 
It occurs to me that I can use Rev. Denison's book to find names and then check them with this... 

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