Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sentimental Sunday: Carnival

Sentimental Sunday: Where's the Carnival?

My daughter, Heather, in Bridgewater, MA, 31 May 1978
Yesterday, my little grandsons, aged 5 and 2 (this week), came over to play with their parents for some porch time. I told my son-in-law about Heather's delight at the little carnival that came to town when she was little. She is 2 1/2 in this photo.

After supper, we went to the new shopping area that was being built to ride on the pint sized rides. The first night I didn't take my camera as I was not sure if she would like the rides, and she did.  The next night, when we returned I brought the camera (a Polaroid) and she showed us how much fun she thought it was. I remember saying that she was going to like driving a car. (She does; I don't!)

I took two photos, one for our album and one to send to my grandmother. I dated both and mailed one off the next day. Of course, the carnival packed up and moved that night and Heather kept asking where the carnival went. I explained but the disappointment was evident. She thought it was going to always be there. She does remember riding this fire engine.

Looking at the background, I can see the unfinished buildings and I remember that Bridgewater was just getting some real stores and places to eat around this time. The ones that were there were old and "townie" style. Outsiders weren't welcome. We moved there in 1972 and we were still strangers in 1978.  Change is hard for many New Englanders.

For those of you who know Bridgewater, this carnival is where the 99 restaurant is now. 

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