Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sentimental Sunday: Little Glass Bottle

Little Glass Bottle (about 2 inches high)
Photo by Midge Frazel, 2014
The first thing readers will want to know about is not the focus of this blog post. Technology always grabs attention. The item holding the ruler, which shows the height of the little glass bottle is an invention by a person who marketed it to a collaborative invention site called Quiky. Its purpose is to hold the ends of cords so they don't fall behind a table. It is weighted. I own several in two colors: black and gray. You will want one, so here's the link for purchase at Amazon. Target carries some of their items too.

The subject of this blog post is the little glass bottle. When I was a little person, this is what the cream (like for coffee) was delivered in when the milkman brought the weekly milk delivery. You were supposed to wash them and put them back out with your empty bottles. I hid one in my toy drawer and then took it to my grandmother's house for safe keeping. 

I imagine my mother looked everywhere for it and I didn't confess until my grandmother moved to the apartment when I was nine.

It was for imaginary tea parties but because it is glass I didn't think my mother would let me play with it. Next spring, I will cut some lily of the valley and use it like a mini vase.

By the way, it was sealed with a little waxed cardboard circle with a pull tab stapled on. Let me know if you remember this, ok?


John D. Tew said...

I remember these being delivered by the milkman. They were left in an insulated galvanized aluminum box on the doorstep of my grandparents home (and at ours). The box had a lid on top and the empties were collected by the milkman before he left new full ones. Milk came in larger bottles the same way so the delivery box was a tall rectangular box that often had the diary's logo on it.

I am including this post in tomorrow's Saturday Serendipity with some added memories I have about similar bottles.

Nancy said...

Neither my mom or dad used cream in their coffee, so mom didn't buy it. I saw the little bottles only in restaurants. However, I was recalling the other day that during first grade (and maybe second and third) when recess came, someone brought in half-pint glass bottles of milk which we drank through straws. They, too, had the little waxed cover with pull-tabs. My favorite part of this memory is that I chose chocolate milk.

I, too, loved those sweet little bottles but would have had to take mine from the restaurant. Theft was hugely frowned upon in our family and my diligent mother would certainly have discovered that little bottle.

Thanks for the fun memory and especially the photo.

Midge Frazel said...

Thanks, John and Nancy for your blog comments and remembrances. I am so old that only white milk. When I worked in a school and they had coffee and chocolate milk, I was excited.

Glad you liked this post and took the time to write a lovely comment.