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Placement of Stones Part 2

Placement of Stones (Part 2)

Joseph and Naomi (Fancy) Frazel
Maplewood Cemetery, Marlborough, Middlesex, MA
It is hard to be sure of who "Father" and "Mother" are in plots like these. Suppose everyone placed their parents to rest like this and then moved away? It would be unknown to anyone who they were unless they contacted the cemetery office. 

When Joseph and Naomi (Fancy) Frazel died and were buried here, they already left behind four dead children in Bridgewater, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada when they came to American about 1892. Due to the kindness of Alice Baker Frauzel who lives not far from Baker's Settlement Cemetery, I have all of the gravestones that can be found in Nova Scotia of this part of my husband's family.

After coming to America, Joseph and Naomi gave birth to Loren (d. 1897), (Samuel d. 1956), John (d. 1897) and Albert (d. 1894). 

Phares, Samuel, Jeremiah, Rhoda and Sophia were the only children who lived to adulthood. The 1900 census says Naomi gave birth to 12 children.

Sons of Joseph and Naomi, Maplewood Cemetery, Middlesex, MA

from the wall to the street:
Father, Mother, Loran, Samuel, John and Albert.

Rest in peace.

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Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

My maternal grandparents have a shared stone with their surname & then just Mother & Father on individual stones. I'd love to add something to tell more about them but that is all they wanted recorded. What right do I have to go against their wishes? Tempted but...