Monday, September 29, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Andrews Lot

Thomas Andrews Lot CR#34, Cranston, RI

The Bus Stop
In August, I returned to my childhood neighborhood for a day of pure genealogical joy (instead of heartache) and to "lay to rest" and enhance my memories of the project of last year about "The Plat". At that time, I have no really current photos of places nearby to talk about how our lives change over time. After planting my Heritage Garden in my yard, we decided to return, visit the neighborhood and surrounding attractions all in one day.  

What genealogical adventure doesn't include a cemetery? This is another Rhode Island Cemetery that has been moved. I will blog about it at a later time but I knew you would want to see it now.

This is the Thomas Andrews Lot CR 34. I call it the "bus stop" because this is where our school bus dropped us off. No wonder they made us not wait on this island. 

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Diane B said...

Interesting. There were some Andrews who moved up to Cranston in the Pontiac area - some early owners. I'm quite sure I'm related to these folks.