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Photo by Caroline, of Dalbeattie Matters, used with her kind permission, 2015

Nae Quarrel
Week 5
"Nae words, nae quarrel"
("If you stay silent, no one can argue with you")
Neil Wilson Publishing (May 31, 2011)]
Next post will be Week 6 posted 2/14/2015

In Week 4, I found the death location of my great grandmother, Jane Hannah Broadfoot. As I worked with Google Maps, I slowly panned around and discovered that the "quarryman cottages" (made of local granite), faced Colliston Park. I let out a whoop of joy.

That amazed me because that is where my World War One hero cousin, Josiah F. Broadfoot's name is on a huge monument that I was lucky enough to communicate with a teacher who was doing a class project and she shared a photo of that monument and a document for my collection about building it. Of course, the park was not here in 1895 when Jane Hannah died. But still, right??

The park is over the Burn. (A burn is a fast moving, dangerous, stream of water, as you can see here.) The cottage where my family lived is just out of sight on the right of the photo. I wasn't sure I'd get permission but if you don't ask for help, you will never know what you find. That's why this week is "Nae words". 

Be pushy but nice and you will find out more. Thanks, Caroline for the wonderful look at where my ancestors lived. (History of Dalbeattie is a great resource for me!)

While I have plenty of excellent, original records for this project, I see that I need help with place names and locations. A street list (like a city directory would help with in between census years), so I have been working with information in the three books I own and the helpful research aids at Scotlands People. 

Thanks to Find My Past's recent $5 month exploration I have transcriptions of the census years for the project. Scot handwriting can be hard to read so in this case that is what I am using the census transcription for. 

Here's a link to my toolbox (it is a tabbed page on my blog) Ideas are welcome. I will be adding some links specific to my do-over this upcoming week.

Don't dismiss an index, it is a good research tool for your kit.It give you something to go on while you are spending mega-bucks on searching for original records. 

I am working on a family timeline and ancestor profiles and it will take some time to get it all together so I am delaying my next post until 2/14/2015

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