Sunday, February 01, 2015

Sentimental Sunday: Combining Projects

Photo of Scotland Magnet, 2014, by Midge Frazel
Combining the Projects, 2015
The Genealogy Do-Over Family History Writing Challenge

I wasn't going to take part in the Family History Writing Challenge this year because I am doing the Genealogy Do-Over but in a moment of "Blonde Epiphany" this morning, I realized that since I am writing narratives for that, I really could do both.

I won't be writing much each day, but I can write my ancestor profiles in a weeks worth of posts. I CAN DO IT!

I will try not to get my kilt in a bunch, I promise. That would be scratchy AND chilly. (Just kidding!)

The focus will be to write about my lowland Scots who lived their whole lives in Scotland. This has been a fifty year project starting with the stories from my father and his siblings. It goes coast to coast as my grandfather's brother went to California to raise his family. It is the hardest research (and most expensive) I have ever done but I can feel my dad and his brother and sisters cheering me on from Heaven. Their whole generation is gone from this Earth now. 

Almost all of my grandfather's siblings came to America. His half siblings migrated to England. 

Tomorrow we begin with Jane, my great grandmother. Scot women are strong willed and hardy. They endured a lot, more than I ever imagined. They will be remembered by my family. I am making sure of that. They spoke their mind and so do I.

But, you should know, it started with a gravestone. I have written about that before but some bears repeating because after all, I have granite-in-my blood.

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