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Photo by Midge Frazel, 2014 (with fond memories of my Aunt Annie's shortbread)
Auld Lang Syne
Week 1
"Guid shortbread an' promises aye crumble"
(Promises are as fragile as shortbread)
["Haud Yer Wheesht!" Your Scottish Granny's Favorite Sayings by Allan Morrison
Neil Wilson Publishing (May 31, 2011)]

I have been researching my own maiden name since I was nineteen. The advantage to that is that I had several living people to talk to and I had the opportunity to have my California cousins visit one summer. Every genealogy book I have read suggests you start with family. But, when I talk to people about this they tell me they didn't do this and I really don't know what people are going to do about this in the future.

I am starting my Do-Over by narrowing my focal point. If this works, I will be able to more a lot faster on other projects. Managing information is hard. It is easy to drown in the quarry.

Researching at Scotland's People has changed over the years and certainly for the better. There is nothing I hate more than having a time limit. Fortunately they got over that. The records online are mostly original images and are in digital format. They are a gold mine of information. But, you must go slowly and work methodically. Yes, I got ahead of myself because I got better at the searching process but I have not analyzed each record fully.

For this week, you can watch this YouTube video, shared with me from blogger Bill West, of lovely scenes and music of Scotland. Then, there's this great article for you to read about Auld Lang Syne. I can't share shortbread but you can find it in your local store in the International Foods.

The new year is filled with promises and hope. Don't let it crumble away.

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