Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 21: Back to Merkland Farm

Photos by Cary Schmidt, 25 April 2015
The Right Merkland Farm

Google Map: Our Merkland Farm

A study of family history geography is harder than getting the names and dates organized especially when your ancestors are from a country you have never visited.

The vital records for my Scotland ancestors often list a place or a village before the parish, county and country. Since the "term" merkland is a unit of land measurement (source), it stands to reason that many places or farms can be called Merkland. 

My Smith cousin, who is from Australia, contacted me some time ago about our mutual "Smith" ancestors. As he was traveling at the time, he sent me a copy of Adam Smith's will and we never reconnected. Since I was still floundering around trying to find out more, I returned to his email and found his tree at In this case, I am glad for other people's tree since I hit the motherlode by asking him again. For nearly a week, we have been conversing about Merkland Farm and the area of our mutual Smith connection. 

Last April, Cary and his wife WENT to Scotland and they located Merkland Cottage and took the above photos. As Google Street View doesn't go "down the road and around the bend", I would NEVER have seen this if he didn't take the above photos. It is still hard to imagine our mutual ancestors living and working in this place.

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