Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 22: Caerlaverock Churchyard

Caerlaverock Churchyard

Photo by Cary Schmidt, 25 Apr 2014, used with permission
Resting Place of Robert Hannah and Jane Smith

In my wildest dreams, I would not have expected that anyone would have taken a photo of this gravestone! I was lucky that Cary Schmidt noticed Jane Smith's name on the stone and realized it was his ancestor's sister and snapped the photo. He didn't remember he took it until I contacted him again. Meant to be? Absolutely. I can't thank him enough.

When Jane Smith, my second great grandmother, died in 1865, her husband buried her her at Caerlaverock Churchyard.  Even though the stone reads 1864, I have the death record that reads 1865. I have yet to track down what or where Kellwood is located.

In memory of/ Robert Hannah,/
died at Dalbeattie, 10 Dec//r 1883/
aged 73 years.

HANNAH who died at Kellwood
23//d March 1864 aged 46 years.

Since the dates and ages may not be right, This needs more research.

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